Google Plus Events launched

Google is launching the events feature on their Google Plus platform today. Google+ Events is tightly integrated with Google Plus and Google Calendar.

And Google has made sure that you can use the app before, during and after the event you have planned.

Before the event, you get to pick a cover cinemagraph for your event and invite people at a predefined location. During the event, invited members can all share images to the same event using their smartphones. And after the event they can enjoy the photos shared from the event’s page in a chronological order.

Google spoke about this brand new app on the Google Plus platform:

Today’s online event tools are really just web forms that ask, “Are you going?” Worse yet, they bail when you need them the most: during the actual event, and after everyone leaves. In life we plan, we party and we keep in touch. Software should make all of this more awesome, and that’s exactly our aim with Google+ Events.