Google Goggles for Android gets a Continuous Mode!

Google has updated their Goggles mobile app for the Android platform.

The newly updated app features a Continuous Mode for scanning multiple objects in one go.

Google Goggles gets a Continuous Mode!

Google Goggles would continuously monitor the camera imagery and keep saving items it can recognize.

You can pause and resume the scanning process by clicking on the display.

Continuous Mode disables the history feature however so the scanned objects are not stored in your Goggles History online.

There are some other cool features…

If you try scanning text content, Goggles allows you to search for same text online. This can come handy to locate an online version of a news/magazine article you are reading.

Google Goggles gets a Continuous Mode!

Google is also allowing users to give their feedback for items. This is available from a new option named ‘Do you have a better suggestion’. Google might show your suggestions to future searches of similar items to other users.