Google Plus gets improved support for geotagging photos

Google recently started redirected users visiting Picasa Web Albums to their Google+ Photos section. Most people were not amused as Google+ lacks a lot of features for image management that Picasa Web offers.

Google seems to have realized that they need to roll out more features related to image management on Plus to make it easy for people to migrate.

Today we got one such feature.

Google+ Photos finally has photo geotagging support. You can check the geotags of your existing photos. Change them or delete them.

Of course, you can define who can access to geolocation data of your images in the first place.

Google developer Andrew Lee said:

We’re always working to make your Google+ photos experience better, so we hope you enjoy this new feature! (P.S. it’s rolling out gradually, so check back soon if you don’t see it yet…)