Google Maps offering time estimates for travel once again

Google has added a useful feature to their Google Maps platform. Users can now get an estimate on how much time it would take them to travel from one place to another using different traveling modes.

Google had removed this functionality previously because it was very unreliable. We hope that they have found ways to improve its accuracy.

Google said:

Now using both live and historic traffic data, Google Maps enables you to once again see the estimated length of time your journey might take. In areas where the information is available, this new and improved feature evaluates current traffic conditions and is constantly being refreshed to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date estimate possible. To see this feature, simply access directions as you normally would on Google Maps. Below the time estimate for how long your trip might take without any traffic, you’ll see the adjusted estimate that factors in current traffic data.

You can contribute to this platform by using their Maps application while traveling around. Google uses the data provided by regular users to generate traffic related estimates.