Google mod_pagespeed is now out of beta!

Google mod_pagespeed is now out of beta!

Google has announced the first stable edition of their mod_pagespeed Apache module.

mod_pagespeed was announced a while ago and has been seeing regular updates as it went through testing.

Google said that more than 120,000 websites around the web are already using this module on their servers.

The company added:

We’re committed to working with the open-source community to continue evolving mod_pagespeed, including more, better and smarter optimizations and support for other web servers. Over 120,000 sites are already using mod_pagespeed to improve the performance of their web pages using the latest techniques and trends in optimization. The product is used worldwide by individual sites, and is also offered by hosting providers, such as DreamHost, Go Daddy and content delivery networks like EdgeCast. With the move out of beta we hope that even more sites will soon benefit from the web performance improvements offered through mod_pagespeed.