Google Music launches in United States

Google Music launches in United States

As expected Google has launched their own music store and it is for now limited to the US market only.

Three of the four music label giants are part of the launch. Universal, Sony and EMI are offering their content through Google Music. Warner is missing.

Google also has deals with thousands of independent music labels who are also offering their music through this store.

The service continues to offer free online store for personal media. Users can store as many as 20,000 songs for free. They get to stream it to any compatible device for free as well!

Google claims that they are offering more than 13 million songs through their music store. This is a pretty impressive number.

Users get the right to purchase individual songs and complete albums. All of the purchased music would add to the user’s music library on all supported devices automatically.

Google Plus is of course a big part of this launch. Users can share the songs they have purchased on their Plus Stream. People in their circles get the right to listen to the track once. If the share is made public, other web users get to hear a preview of the song.

Google has partnered with several known musicians to offer exclusive music content through this store. Some of the participants are Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Shakira and Pearl Jam.

Another interesting aspect of Google Music is the Artist Hub. Google is essentially providing a complete platform to any musician to sell song independently through Google Music. They get to make their own promotional page and add customized content as well.