Google Now notifications come to Chrome Dev Channel

Google Chrome Dev Channel build received a major update today.

The list of changelog has some interesting entries. Especially this one:

Enabled showing Google now notifications in Chrome

Yet to figure out how this works. But looks good!

Complete changelog:

Introduced a different variable icon for VPN (Issue: 172317)
Enabled showing Google now notifications in Chrome (Issue: 164227)
Implemented drag URL onto Home Button to set homepage (Issue: 152210)
Enabled speech bubble for platform apps (Issue: 164382)
Added UI to printing selection with print preview (Issue: 83098)
Added backup URL support for safe browsing data requests (Issue: 155753)
Added support for Chrome’s identity API (Issue: 134213)
Enabled showing a modal dialog (instead of a bubble) for one-click sign in confirmation window (Issue: 171330)
Added search token to omnibox in Mac (Issue: 163190)
Changed the gray omnibox suggest color to black (Issue: 172142)
Fixed a crash in the DXVA decoder in Chrome (Issue: 171673)
Fixed the hierarchy arrow for nested bookmark folders for Mac (Issue: 111101)
Fixed showing of the profile picture in the uber tray when user clicks (Issue: 140961)
Fixed bug causing tab favicon media indicator to not turn off (Issue: 171077)
Fixed unintended first item selection when focusing using mouse (Issue: 172283)
Hided action box while typing in an omnibox (Issue: 157232)
Hided new Autofill UI when the user moves the window (Issue: 171673)
Reverted the appearance of simple notifications (Issue: 172358)
Disabled the “Open All in Incognito window” in Context menu for invalid urls (Issue: 106609)