Google killing Picnik, Urchin and a couple of other apps and services

Google has announced their latest round of discontinuation of apps and services.

The company is killing a bunch of services while open sourcing some others.

Google Message Continuity is being discontinued. Users are being encouraged to switch to Google Apps.

Google Sky Map is being discontinued. They are open sourcing the technology behind the app. they are collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University on this project.

Google is discontinuing Needlebase. The technologies behind this product would be used in their other products and services.

Picnik is being shut down. Premium account holders are being refunded. The premium edition is now open to everyone till the service is taken down. Users with data stored on Picnik can export it using Picnik Takeout.

Google is also discontinuing Social Graph API which never gained popularity amongst third party developers.

Urchin is another service that is being killed. Google is suggesting users of Urchin to switch to Google Analytics.