Google Places Autocomplete can let you smarten up your forms!

Google Geo Developers Blog has a post about a feature named Google Places Autocomplete.

Google Places Autocomplete is part of Google Places API and the places library of the Google Maps API v3.

Developers can use this to make their forms smarter. Users would get suggestions powered by Google Places database while they are trying to fill the details on connected forms.

Google said:

By default, Autocomplete will give you the full address as a single line of text, but we know that there are many times where you need the address in structured format, such as an address entry form.

You can also provide Autocomplete with a hint as to the approximate location or area you want to favour in the completions. By sourcing that location hint using W3C Geolocation and filling in the structured address from the Place details, you can easily build a far better address entry experience for your users.

Here is a sample form provided by Google…