Google Play has now seen 25 billion downloads!

Google Play has now seen 25 billion downloads!

Google has reached a new milestone with their Google Play Store.

Users have downloaded more than 25 billion items from this store.

This include apps and media content. The company said:

Whether you’re looking for directions, checking email or sharing a picture with friends, apps are now an indispensable part of life. And if you’re using Android, it all starts with Google Play, home to 675,000 apps and games. That’s a lot of choice. We’ve now crossed 25 billion downloads from Google Play, and to celebrate we’re offering some great discounts for the next five days.

Google is in the process of rolling out these discounted deals. These deals would offer media content at just 25 cents each. We are looking at following products:

25 movies you must own
25 banned books
25 albums that changed the world
25 top selling magazines
And so on!

Let’s hope they have some deals for us here in India where Google Play does not offer movies, books and music.

  • Jas

    There are apps too on the discounts!