Google Plus Ripples can now show you analytics of web links

Google has rolled out a major update to the Ripples functionality on their Google Plus platform.

Google Plus Ripples is the feature that shows the analysis of popularity of individual posts.

The new update allows you to see analysis of any web link on the Plus network.

Google Plus Ripples can now show you analytics of web links

You can now use it to check how a link went viral on Plus. You get to see shares, reshares and everything else.

The idea is to let you see popularity of your own web content on the Plus platform.

Google developer Geoffrey Borggaard highlighted the features included in this update:

1) Like the rest of Google+ (, ripples are now available in over 60 languages. So whether you prefer Viwimbi, Strengir, or Jeka, you can now watch the content you care about flow across the network.

2) Ripples can now show you how links get shared, not just individual posts. Take +Sundar Pichai’s recent post about Chrome for Android, for example (

- Before, ripples would only display activity around Sundar’s specific post.
- Today, because Sundar attached a link to his post, ripples displays all public shares of that URL, all across Google+.
- To use this new feature, simply “View ripples” on any publicly-shared post with a link attachment (see screenshot), or visit a ripples page, then type the URL you’re interested in.