Google Schemer gets some major updates

Google Schemer gets some major updates

Google has rolled out some major new updates on their Schemer platform.

Here are the released updates:

Rally your accomplices directly from a scheme detail page: Start a conversation on Google+ with your friends who also want to do the scheme. Make plans to go do it.

Share a scheme with the world: Post the scheme on Google+! This is one of our top requested features and we’ve now made it super easy to share.

Search schemes from multiple lists: Now you can find schemes through a combination of lists — things you want to do, things you’ve already done, and ideas from other schemers.

Additionally, we’ve added a few enhancements to your profile privacy. The Schemer community is expanding, so while your notoriety count may be impressive, it’s important to have control over who’s checkin’ you out:

Adjust your profile page privacy: You can choose who gets to view your profile page! Other schemers can still see your activities in their stream (if they’ve circled you and are not blocked) and on scheme detail pages, but you can restrict your profile to people based on your Google+ circles. Under your Profile page, click on “Edit” underneath your profile picture and choose who you’d like to view your profile.

Restrict your profile searchability: While you’re adjusting your profile privacy, don’t forget about that checkbox asking you if others can discover your Schemer profile on search engines such as

See how your profile looks to others: Not sure how certain people will view your profile? Check out how others will see it using the “View profile as…” box on the top right hand corner of your profile page.