Google Search by Image feature gets a major update

Google Search by Image feature gets a major update

Google has rolled out some new features on their Search by Image platform.

Google Search by Image lets you conduct a search by uploading or sharing a link to an image.

This feature lets you find more information about what/who is in the image. You also get the option to find similar images and same image in different sizes.

Google has rolled out several new enhancements today:

Google would try to recognize the object in the photo and show related images and search results.

Google would showcase a knowledge graph box for images that contain a known entity. This works well for photos containing popular personalities and tourist destinations.

Google has also enhanced the search results page by adding more sources for the image selected by the user.

Google spoke about these updates:

Finding more information about an image is the most common use of Search by Image. Very often this information is found on websites that contain either your image or images that look like it. We’ve made recent improvements to our freshness, so when photos of major news stories start appearing on the Internet, you can often find the news stories associated with those photos within minutes of the stories being posted. We’ve also expanded our index so you can find more sites that contain your image and information related to it.