Google Search gets a new option in the sidebar ‘verbatim’

Google has added a new option in the sidebar based on user requests.

This new option is named ‘verbatim’ and it allows the user to search for exact keywords searched for.

This saves the hassle of “quoting” all the words in the search query.

Google previously offered verbatim searching through the ‘+’ operator. But it was discontinued recently. Google is now using ‘+’ operator for searching Google Plus brand pages.

Google Search gets a new option in the sidebar ‘verbatim’

Google spoke about the ‘verbatim’ option:

We’ve been listening, and starting today you’ll be able to do just that through verbatim search.

Using this option would force the Google Search engine to ignore following features:

Making automatic spelling corrections
Personalizing your search by using information such as sites you’ve visited before
Including synonyms of your search terms (matching “car” when you search [automotive])
Finding results that match similar terms to those in your query (finding results related to “floral delivery” when you search [flower shops])
Searching for words with the same stem like “running” when you’ve typed [run]
Making some of your terms optional, like “circa” in [the scarecrow circa 1963]