Google Street View now feature imagery from Belgium

Google has expanded their Street View program to Belgium.

The company said:

Belgium may be a small country but it’s big on culture with more than 300 castles, 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 200 museums, 500 types of beer and 2000 chocolate shops. Today we are opening up our beautiful sites to users all over the world as we launch the country at the center of Europe on Street View.

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The company added:

We’re thrilled to be releasing the imagery of our small yet fascinating country, known by connoisseurs to be Europe’s best hidden secret. As we continue to expand Street View, we look forward to bringing many more European countries for you to explore.

We still wait for Google to get the necessary permissions to start the program here in India. Last we heard, they had started shooting in Bangalore but were later stopped by the local law enforcement body.