Google turns on IPv6 on their entire network permanently

Today is World IPv6 Launch day and Google is one of the companies participating.

The company has confirmed that they have turned on IPv6 connectivity throughout their network.

This implementation is permanent and would coexist with regular IPv4 connectivity.

You would now be able to access Google services through an IPv6 only infrastructure.

Google said:

Today’s World IPv6 Launch, coordinated by the Internet Society, marks the day that participating websites, Internet Service Providers (ISP), and network hardware manufacturers switch on IPv6 permanently in parallel with IPv4. We’re proud to be one of the founding participants; virtually all Google’s services have been available over IPv6 for a while, but IPv6 access was only available to networks participating in the “Google over IPv6” program. From now on, they will be made available to any IPv6 network on the Internet (well, almost any).