The New Grooveshark now available as a preview

Grooveshark has launched their new version with tons of new features in preview. They aim to make the new update default for everyone from next month.

You can access the new edition by going to this link.

The new updated Grooveshark has tons of new features aimed at a more social music listening experience.

The homepage showcases music based on the content user has listened to in the past. It also highlight music popular in user’s own community.

If you connect your Grooveshark account with your social connections, you can now get recommendations based on what your friends listen. You can also post updates to your friends and share tunes you are listening to at any point.

The company has also added a bunch of new features for artists. They now get detailed analysis on who is listening to their content. They can also see what their fans are saying about their music on Grooveshark platform. Grooveshark has also integrated Flattr which enable music fans to micro-pay for music they love.