Hotmail to be renamed Newmail?

Hotmail to be renamed Newmail?

The recent leaked screenshots of the new user interface that Microsoft is preparing for Hotmail features the branding Newmail.

Newmail could be an internal project codename for this new UI of Hotmail. Online sources are contemplating that the company could switch to this branding for Hotmail.

We have already seen a couple of name changes for Hotmail but the service retained the original name in one form or the other. Windows Live Hotmail was one of the brandings.

Hotmail was one of the first web based email service on the internet. It still remains one of the most popular webmail platforms on the web today. But the service faces intense competition from both Yahoo Mail and Google Mail.

Instant messaging and Social networking might have taken the user interest away from email but it still remains the core communications platform on the web today.