IFTTT launches a new channel for Pushover

IFTTT launches a new channel for Pushover

Pushover is a pretty handy service that you can use to send real time notifications to your Google Android or Apple iOS device.

You need to have their mobile app installed on the phone for it to work. The company suggests that their API can be used in web apps, network monitors, shell scripts and other projects.

IFTTT has just added support for their platform on their network. You can now use Pushover as a channel on your recipes.

Example recipes:

IFTTT updates to pushover
Let me know to get outside if it’s going to be over 80 degrees tomorrow.
Important Gmail from VIPs send you a high-priority notification
Send #Twitter DMs to #Pushover
Forward tweets tagged #push to Pushover
Notify me when I’m tagged in a picture!