Instagram latest to ban Self-Harm content on their network

Instagram latest to ban Self-Harm content on their network

Tumblr recently updated their terms and conditions to block Self-Harm content on their network. Now, Instagram has done the same.

The company has updated their community guidelines to add the following clause:

Don’t promote or glorify self-harm: While Instagram is a place where people can share their lives with others through photographs, any account found encouraging or urging users to embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or to cut, harm themselves, or commit suicide will result in a disabled account without warning. We believe that communication regarding these behaviors in order to create awareness, come together for support and to facilitate recovery is important, but that Instagram is not the place for active promotion or glorification of self-harm.

Instagram further stated:

Going forward, we won’t allow accounts, images, or hashtags dedicated to glorifying, promoting, or encouraging self-harm. Should users come across content of that nature, we recommend flagging the photo or flagging the user as a “Terms of Service” violation for our Support team to review.

In addition to these Guideline changes, hashtags that actively promote self-harm, such as “thinspiration,” “probulimia,” and “proanorexia,” are no longer searchable.