Insync talks about life after Google Drive launch

Insync talks about life after Google Drive launch

Insync has sent a mailer to their users about what they have planned with their platform now that Google has launched their own Google Drive app.

The company said that they already have a bunch of features that are not offered by Google Drive (yet): “multiple accounts, offline editing, external hard drive, context menu, recent changes etc.”.

And they are working on a bunch of new functionalities that would arrive in the future:

+ selective sync (yes, it really is coming)
+ encrypted sync
+ sync any folder
+ native context menu (no more browser windows)
+ Picasa sync
+ Linux support

In addition, their mobile apps are also nearing launch which would be sold through the respective mobile stores. The company added:

Insync for web will be removed so that we can focus our resources on Insync for desktop, mobile and tablets — no sense in competing with Google Docs web.
We will make money the old fashion way by asking you to pay a one-time fee. While we don’t have exact pricing yet, the desktop app will include unlimited computer installs and unlimited Google accounts. The mobile apps will be sold in each platform’s app store.