Jaguar Land Rover to make small luxury cars

Ratan Tata has said that Jaguar Land Rover is working on developing smaller cars to take on competing models from Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Jaguar Land Rover is already a player in the Indian luxury car market but nowhere near these three companies.

Audi, BMW and Mercedes have been very aggressive in the Indian market with each player trying hard to dominate the market.

Tata said:

We have not had that benefit for several years, we decided that now JLR needs to build new products and get into new segments and that is what we are pursuing. It is a very ambitious task and it is really for the future health of the company

Tata also said that it is disappointing that Tata Motors trail Mahindra & Mahindra in the Indian market. Mahindra has launched some very exciting models in the market and have become the largest SUV seller in India.