Jetpack 1.8 for WordPress comes with a mobile theme feature developers have updated their Jetpack plugin suite for users.

The latest update comes with a brand new feature: mobile theme.

This is an opt-in feature which you should definitely enable if your blog does not have a mobile theme already.

Developers said:

Jetpack’s Mobile Theme displays your content in a clean, uncluttered interface, making it easy for mobile visitors to scan your site. We took special care to make the mobile theme as lightweight as possible to ensure quick navigation and fast loading times for those sometimes spotty mobile connections.

Other updates:

The mobile theme isn’t the only upgrade in Jetpack 1.8: we’ve included a great new “Top Posts and Pages” widget, and now, multiple users on Jetpack sites can connect with their own accounts. These new connections will enable exciting additions in future Jetpack releases such as integrating the Notifications system into Jetpack sites.