Junglee launches Find it on Junglee browser extension for Google Chrome

Amazon is yet to launch a full-fledged online store in the Indian market but they do have a shopping comparison engine with the Junglee branding.

The company has released a browser extension for Chrome to make it easy for you to search for products on their platform.

Find it on Junglee is available from the Chrome Web Store. Features:

To search anything on Junglee.com

1. From any web-page, highlight the text you want to search
2. Right click on the highlighted text
3. Click on ‘Find it on Junglee”


1. Click on the Junglee icon from Chrome toolbar (on top right corner)
2. Type in the product title you’re looking for in the search bar
3. Suggestions for your search terms will be provided.
4. Hit ‘enter’ or click on the search button to find what you’re looking for on Junglee.com

  • Guest1231233

    nice! very useful feature for quick searches on Junglee.com