Kaspersky Lab releases Kaspersky Flashfake Removal Tool to remove Flashfake from Mac OS X installations

Flashfake or Flashback has been named one of the largest malware attacks on the Mac OS X platform.

Apple is working on their own fix which would be delivered to the affected users in the coming days.

Kaspersky Lab on their part has released a free utility that you can use to fix the problem on your Mac.

Kaspersky Lab releases a free tool to remove Flashfake from Mac OS X installations

The company said:

Kaspersky Lab’s experts recently analyzed the Flashfake botnet and found a total of 670,000 infected computers worldwide, with more than 98% of the computers most likely running Mac OS X, and most located in the United States. This is the largest Mac-based infection ever. Kaspersky Lab has today announced a free website and disinfection tools where users can check their machines, and remove the virus if necessary.