LG and Google likely to announce the next Nexus smartphone later this month

Online sources are reporting that Google would announce the next Nexus device on October 29.

This device is being manufactured by LG and we have already seen some photos of the phone online.

LG’s version of the Nexus smartphone is based on their Optimus G smartphone. It could be named Google Nexus G or Google Nexus 4. LG Optimus Nexus could also be a possible branding.

LG and Google of course have not issued any statement in this regard. In fact, it is not even clear if LG alone would get to sell a Nexus branded device. There has been enough rumors about multiple Nexus devices to launch this year. Maybe this one would be just part of the new series?

In any case, we are definitely close to an official announcement related to a Nexus branded smartphone update. It would be interesting to find out what exactly Google has planned for the fans of this series.