New Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has already received 6,500 bookings

Maruti Suzuki India has revealed that they have already received more than 6500 bookings of the new Alto model that would be released later this month.

The new Alto is likely to be sold as Alto 800. Maruti has not launched it. Photos and videos of this model are now available online.

The company said that they expect the bookings to cross 10,000 by the time it is launched in the market.

Maruti has already started delivering the units of this new model to the dealers so customers should get the deliveries rather fast this time around.

New Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has already received 6,500 bookings

Maruti has sold more than 2.2 million units of the Alto model in India (and international markets). It is the largest selling car in India. It remains to be seen how the consumers would react to the rather awkward design of the updated edition.

  • Megna Naidu

    looks very comfortable n spacious car :)

    • hardik

      I went
      for a test drive of the Alto 800, but I did not like the car very much. The
      back seat space is crammed.

    • chromaniac

      To be fair, Alto never was a spacious car. They cannot really do much on the current platform.

    • amrin

      has completely disappointed me with its new car - Alto 800. The look of the
      car is really bad and also the car is too expensive. I would any day prefer
      buying the Tata Nano.

  • Arya Patel

    The most awaiting car of the year… superb work by Maruti Suzuki

    • Harshad Verma

      I don’t
      like the new Alto, the car looks like a mix and match of different cars,
      lacks originality.

    • Mahesh Surve

      is a good company no doubt but I am not happy with its Alto 800. Tata Nano is
      not only a good looking car but also worth the cost.

  • ritika

    Seems pretty good car look n space wise

  • Sonali Pawar

    A very very special car from Maruti Suzuki !!

  • Andy Moore

    A class car from Maruti Suzuki ….class in mileage, price & looks.

    • Rupesh02

      the price, I think there are better cars out there, which are more stylish
      and spacious.This car’s looks are like a half cut-pase job … I don’t think
      it’s nice

    • sujit

      features of the car are not so bad, but I doubt if the car is worthwhile.
      Tata Nano comes in a good price and features. Maruti needs to pull up their
      socks to be in the race.

  • Neeta Sharma

    fine creative car from Maruti ..Great Work.

  • Nilesh21

    Alto 800 is
    definitely not a car for tall drivers. I thought I’d have to cut a hole on the
    top and let me head out & end up looking like a submarine.

    • Kamlesh14

      My Nano
      is quite spacious. Well, my 80 kilo body does tilt the car a bit to the right,
      but there’s certainly ample of space for others. Just kidding, anyway it’s very
      well spaced out.

  • Mandar23

    I recently got the new Alto
    800. I bought it thinking it would give me lots of comfort out of very little.
    But the car seems to be very cramped. There is hardly any leg room for the
    driver & the passengers at the back.

    • Suraj45

      I drive in my TATA Nano quite
      comfortably. My family of 5 fits in very well & we have a comfortable drive
      through. It only looks small from the outside but it is quite spacious from the
      inside in terms of length & height as well.