Maxthon released a browser for OS X!

Maxthon released a browser for OS X!

Maxthon has been offering a web browser product for Windows platform for years now.

The company has now released their first release for the Apple Mac platform.

Maxthon for Mac is now available as a free download.


–>The Best Out-of-the-box Video Viewing for Macs – Flash and other standards are pre-loaded
–> Cloud-based, Cross-platform Syncing – Syncs bookmarks between your Windows PC, Mac and iPad instantly
–> Reader Mode – Removes ads and presents multi-page articles in one window
–> Private Browsing Mode – Provides the ability at the tab level to browse the web without saving any browser history
–> Smart Address Bar – Combines the URL bar and search bar into one; presents search suggestions and safe sites
–> Magic Fill – Pre-fills usernames and passwords for favorite websites
–> Privacy and Security Settings
–> Automatic Updates

The company said:

Maxthon for Mac is the first iteration of several offerings for Apple, to be followed by Maxthon for iPhone, which will lead to cross-platform syncing for PC, Android and Apple. With Maxthon for Mac, our users around the globe will no longer have to choose one competing brand of hardware or operating system over another.”