MetroTwit gets a major stable build update with support for Twitter API 1.1

MetroTwit has finally updated their stable channel build. If you have been using MetroTwit Loop, this is not for you.

The changelog is huge as it brings support for Loop features added in the last couple of months.

Major changes are support for Twitter API 1.1 and Microsoft .NET 4.5.

Complete Changelog:

Updated to utilize Twitter API 1.1
Added retweet blocking in searches
Refreshed user interface style
Many performance improvements
Fixed crash when displaying some Unicode tweets with usernames, hashtags or links
Changed layout for consistency with Twitter’s new display guidelines
Changed default notifications to only mentions and direct messages
Added native Twitter picture, YouTube, Instagram, SkyDrive previews
Added support for native Twitter Pic upload (existing users must change their Services setting)
Added support for SHIFT+mouse for horizontal scroll
Added support for Microsoft .NET 4.5 – read additional explanation here
Added checkbox option for pressing ENTER to send tweet
Added user avatar to notifications
Added “unsubscribe” to followed lists
Changed all API endpoints to SSL
Removed hover-to-expand shortened URLs
Removed “public tweets” and “retweets by me” columns as they are no longer supported by Twitter
Fixed tweet counter for new URL length
Fixed deleting direct messages
Fixed possible crash when resuming app from extended idle
Fixed issue when typing and pressing ENTER to quickly submitting incomplete tweet
Improved handling of Twitter rate limit and Twitter API errors
Fixed report tweet as spam error
Fixed filtering text in URLs
Fixed showing blocked users in lists
Fixed geotagged Tweet map not displaying correct location
Fixed more clicking unread marker that caused app to crash
Fixed significant performance and memory issues/li>
Removed support for Windows XP
Fixed update changelog not displaying
Fixed not being to add or remove accounts in certain scenarios
Fixed sent DMs show as unread
Fixed Windows 8 Aero coloring
Added window border to Windows 8
Fixed crash if Twitter entities not returning properly
Fixed notifications grouping if notification already showing
Fixed ads not displaying properly
Fixed sometimes clicking links in notifications opening two browser windows
Fixed crashing when scrolling with unread marker or PageUp/PageDown
Fixed “added to list” grammar in activities
Fixed long “my list” names
Fixed “Worldwide” trend to top of trends list dropdown