Microsoft launches MSN Offers for Schools

Microsoft recently renamed Bing Deals as MSN Offers and we already have a new subset of this deals platform.

The company has introduced MSN Offers for Schools.

Microsoft launches MSN Offers for Schools

Microsoft highlighted the features of this special deals service aimed at schools and students:

The mission of MSN Offers for Schools is simple - to strengthen local communities by supporting local businesses and raising money for local schools. The idea behind it actually came from a team of parents who were looking for a unique and more sustainable approach towards school fundraising for their own children’s schools.

The concept of utilizing the “daily deals” platform as a school fundraising tool eventually evolved into MSN Offers for Schools. Those parents helped usher in the next generation of school fundraising – and MSN Offers is proud to be a part of it.

The MSN Offers for Schools program is all about improving local communities, one transaction at a time. Our system ensures that the money your community spends stays in your community. That’s the power of local.