Microsoft launches updated Office Web Apps in preview!

Microsoft has already made available test builds of the next Office suite.

And they have now released the newer editions of Office Web Apps in preview as well.

Microsoft launches updated Office Web Apps in preview!

This new edition is available as an opt-in feature right now. It features the new user interface design that is part of the desktop edition.

Microsoft highlighted the three focus points about this new update:

Anywhere Access – People should be able to access Office documents from any device with a Web browser. This means supporting standards (e.g. HTML) and ensuring compatibility across a wide range of devices.

“Fidelity” with Office – Office documents should be displayed in the browser as the author intended. The Office Web Apps should preserve all edits and content, even when they don’t support all of the features of Office on the desktop.

Collaboration and Sharing – It should be very easy to share and work with other people. People can collaborate with anyone without having to worry about what software or device they are using.