Microsoft to offer upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just USD 40!

Microsoft has revealed some very exciting news for the users of their older and current generation operation systems.

The company said that they would offer upgrades to Windows 8 Pro for just USD 40.

Users running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 on their computers would have the option to purchase, download and upgrade their systems online.

Microsoft would also offer a free upgrade to Windows Media Center for free for a limited time period.

The company spoke about the compatibility of upgrades from different Windows installations:

You will be able to upgrade from any consumer edition of Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro and bring everything along which includes your Windows settings, personal files, and apps. If you are upgrading from Windows Vista, you will be able to bring along your Windows settings and personal files, and if you are upgrading from Windows XP you will only be able to bring along your personal files. Of course, if you want to start fresh, you can choose to bring nothing along. Or if you prefer to format your hard drive as part of your upgrade experience, you can do so as long as you boot from media and then format your hard drive from within the setup experience for installing Windows 8, not prior to it.

Users would get the option to get a backup DVD delivered to their homes for USD 15 additional excluding shipping charges.

This offer would be available in over 100 countries and 37 languages.

Retail copies of upgrade to Windows 8 Pro would cost USD 70. These offers would run through January next year!