Microsoft Office 365 University edition announced

Microsoft Office 365 University edition announced

Microsoft has announced a new edition of their Office Suite.

Microsoft Office 365 University would be made available to eligible students in colleges and universities.

The pricing is pretty nice at around USD 80 for four years which comes to around USD 1.67 per month.

The package includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

Microsoft is also bundling 20GB of free storage on SkyDrive to make it 27GB. Another cool feature is that the users also get 60 Skype world minutes every month!

This edition can be installed on two machines owned by the student and of course, all the updates are going to be available for the entire duration of the license.

Microsoft spoke about the eligibility:

Full- and part-time enrolled university and college students, faculty and staff in accredited institutions are eligible to purchase Office 365 University.

Higher-education students, faculty and staff must verify their eligibility online as part of the Office 365 University product activation process.