Microsoft Surface 32GB edition on sale in India for Rs. 38840

Tradus is offering what we believe are imported units of the Microsoft Surface Tablet in the Indian market.

The 32GB edition is priced at around Rs. 39000.

This seems to be the version that does not come with the Touch Cover. Pricing is on expected lines considering the import duty and other charges.

Reviews of this tablet are not very positive. People are impressed with the build quality but there are major issues like:

1. Lack of popular apps
2. Poor performance of existing apps

App developers seems to be optimizing their apps for the PCs. Surface on the other hand is powered with an ARM chip. End result has been disappointing until now.

Pricing is high enough to make Apple iPad look like a much better purchase.

  • ExposeTheBias

    Poor Performance…? :) It has quad-core processor with 2GB RAM(almost everyone else has 1GB..) .. And you conveniently forget about the keyboard, build quality etc..

    Why the post..? You can straight way say to buy an iPad… You don’t even mention other andriod ones