MOG app for Windows launched

MOG has launched their native desktop app for the Windows platform.

The company said that they have worked hard to ensure that the app provides the best audio quality with excellent playback experience.

MOG app for Windows launched

The app also features AirPlay support just like the Mac edition. Users would no longer have to rely on the web app to listen to music through their MOG account.


* Built-in AirPlay support: Stream directly to your stereo system via Airport Express, AppleTV, and all other Airplay-enabled devices.
* Native audio decoder + 320 kbps: Even higher fidelity audio than our HQ web player.
* Keyboard shortcuts: Use Windows media keys to play/pause/skip backward & forward through the play queue.
* No browser needed: Enjoy the slick design and interface of our HTML5 web player, with the additional speed and stability of a native app.
* Unlimited music: Access to over 14 million songs and over one million albums, on-demand.
* Best-in-class, personal radio: The most powerful music discovery engine on the planet, enabling Artist-only or customizable Similar Artists radio.
* Personalized recommendations: Browsable “Just For You” section based on a listener’s music habits on MOG and their Artist “likes” on Facebook. “Inspired by friends” section populated by their friends’ Artist “likes” on Facebook.
* One-click access: With one click, get instant access to New Releases, Top Artists, Top Albums and Editor’s Picks.
* Anytime, anywhere: MOG Windows app enables unlimited access to MOG from any computer on which it has been installed.