Mozilla Firefox 12 likely to feature the much awaited new tab page and home tab

Mozilla Firefox 10 is expected to launch in stable channel later this month.

And this means that Firefox 12 would be released in the aurora channel and we might finally see the new updates being introduced by the Mozilla developers with the new tab page and the new home tab.

It is pretty much inspired by what Chrome and Opera are already doing. Chrome was of course inspired by the Opera’s Speed Dial UI on the new tab page.

Users would get the ability to see tabs for their frequently accessed web pages on the new tab page. They would be able to pin the pages and remove the ones they do not want there.

The new homepage would feature the regular customized Google Search in addition to tabs at the bottom with links to different sections of the browser (downloads, settings and apps etc.).

Firefox 12 would also feature an updated awesomebar that would behave a bit more like Chrome’s Omnibar.

Looks like we are entering a phase where Chrome, Firefox and Opera users would find these browsers rather similar to each other. Firefox and Opera for example have already mimicked the minimalistic look of Chrome!

Mozilla Firefox 12 to feature the much awaited new tab page and home tab