Mozilla Firefox Beta gets support for their Social API

Mozilla has announced that the latest beta of Firefox for Windows, OS X and Linux comes with preliminary support for their Social API.

Mozilla is working with Facebook right now to test Facebook Messenger integration using this API.

The idea is to integrate social features into the Facebook browser interface to make it easy for the user to stay connected with friends and family.

The API would of course be open to any third party service to explore and use with their own apps.

Users would be able to pick the services they want to integrate into their Firefox installations.

Mozilla said:

We will begin testing the Social API soon and Firefox Beta testers will be the first to experiment with this new feature in the coming weeks. As part of this testing we are working with Facebook to test Facebook Messenger with the Social API. The Social API will ultimately support multiple providers and has endless potential for integrating social networks, e-mail, finance, news and other applications into your Firefox experience.