Nokia Drive offering traffic updates in India!

Google is yet to enable their navigation app in India which makes me sad as an Android user.

Nokia on their part have been offering free navigation services for a long time now and they have just added traffic updates to the Nokia Drive app.

The feature is available on both Windows Phone and Symbian devices sold by the company.

Nokia Drive offering traffic updates in India!

The technology is powered by Navteq Traffic Pro.

The company said that the app uses the data collected from all Nokia Drive users in the region to deliver the updates.

Similar crowdsourcing technology is used by Google and other services.

Android and Apple iOS users can use apps like Waze to get similar capabilities. But the fact remains, you need other smartphone owners in the region to be using the same app while you are out on the road driving to get any benefit.

For now, this feature is likely to be rather useless looking at the lower number of smartphone users who are likely to be running these specialized apps while driving. But things should get better with time.