Nokia launches Nokia X2-02 dual sim phone


Nokia is back with their older nonsense nomenclature with their latest model.

Nokia X2-02 is a dual sim phone model. It comes loaded with an internal FM antenna, MP3 player, dedicated music keys, recording capability, an in-built loudspeaker for music playback, and 32GB of memory space.

Nokia launches Nokia X2-02 dual sim phone

The company claims that the phone features a special audio processing feature that delivers an excellent sound quality for a device in this segment of the market.

The device also allows you to record live radio. You can listen to the recorded songs at a later stage.

Nokia launches Nokia X2-02 dual sim phone

Nokia X2-02 is internet enabled. It comes loaded with a capable mobile web browser and dedicated mobile apps for Facebook and Twitter.

They aim to sell it for around Euro 60 excluding taxes. Indian launch date and pricing is not clear yet.

Dec 2011
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