Opera 11.60 RC2 released


Opera Software has released the second RC edition of their next update Opera 11.60.


CORE-42427 Google Docs document list jumps back to top on scroll
CORE-41305 Stops accepting input after adjusting volume on a YouTube video
CORE-42716 ReSpec.js throws an error in Opera 11.60 and Opera 12
DSK-351880 Changing the Speed Dial columns setting does not take effect right away
DSK-351871 Flash installation is not initialized
DSK-351607 Can’t connect to Yandex Mail with AUTH PLAIN
DSK-351846 Apply paddings to address and search drop downs
DSK-351777 Star menu disappears if you choose a custom folder
DSK-349636 [Win] Module 10 error when uninstalling Opera and deleting user data
DSK-330450 [Win] Crash when uninstalling or upgrading Opera while Widgets are running
DSK-347303 [*nix] Some fonts are corrupted when displayed with antialias on and rgba set to rgb
DSK-351875 [Mac] View dropdown menu buttons jumping on press

Dec 2011
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