PaperKarma is like a spam mail killer in real life


PaperKarma is a new service with mobile apps for all three major platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone.

The app is aimed at US based folks who get tons of actual junk mail at their homes.

PaperKarma would let you scan the mailers you get and unsubscribe to the service using your smartphone.

PaperKarma is like a spam mail killer in real life

The app basically scans the mailer to detect the sender and it then sends an unsubscription request on the user’s behalf.

Some partners are offering the ability to switch to the online mailers in case, the user still wants to get alerted but in a more convenient manner.

The developers spoke about this app:

PaperKarma is a product of Readabl, Inc. The company was started by two guys in Seattle who detest unsolicited paper mail. Our mission is to help you take control of your home or business mailbox and to receive what and only what you want. As it turns out, most businesses want this too. They don’t want to waste printing and delivery costs and have their material go directly into the trashcan. We work closely with the source companies to help you unsubscribe from catalogs, magazines, credit card offers, etc. and optionally – i.e., if you explicitly choose to – convert you to the corresponding online (email) versions.

Feb 2012
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