People at TechWhack

Following are the people who help to keep this site updated with the latest news and reviews about technology. They are all crazy about what they do in their life and love to contribute in helping this site achieving the goal of providing a platform to express themselves to the world…

Sushubh Mittal

Sushubh Mittal

A tech freak who loves to test out software and criticize the flaws in them. He is a die-hard Michael Schumacher fan and has been writing for sites like the Search Engine Journal and BSE Journal since a long time. He has been featured on the CBS MarketWatch website and Google’s GMail Press Page.


Dr. Abhishek Puri

A doctor from the city of Patiala. Currently pursuing a higher degree in the field of medicine and dreams of owning a Macintosh computer with a broadband connection someday. He loves to write on Telecom and Broadband Internet Connectivity in India. He also manages the popular Broadband Blog.


Somanshu Kalra

Creativity personified with not just out of the box, but maybe even ‘without the box thinking’ abilities, Somanshu is an information systems engineer with extreme variation in interests ranging from languages to meditations, international politics to business ideas, managing assignments to writing poetry, underwater swimming to interacting with people of all shapes, sizes, kinds and genders. He has been there and done (all) that. His technology inclinations include writing for the web, upcoming areas for business venturing, people handling/management, and systems analysis.

Ankur Singh

Ankur Singh

An MCA from the University of Delhi. He love computers and contribute articles on technology on TechWhack.



An engineer from the Southern India who practically live a life deep inside the oceans of technology. He is a contributing author for TechWhack Software News section.



Sukhdeep contributes Press Releases to Techwhack and maintain the server which powers the website.


Rajesh Dogra

Rajesh is an Electronics Engineer working as a Linux System Administrator in a company based in Gurgaon. He loves to work on Linux and read Linux Server Administration related books. He contribute articles on Linux and related topics.

Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta

Deepak is a graphic designer working in this field for 6 years. He loves to pick up new tricks in Photoshop and Fireworks and loves to write about graphical applications.


Samrat Sharma

Last but not the least, the great serioussam. He is crazy about the world of gaming. You name a game and he has played it. Better, he owns almost all the popular games available in the market. Planning to buy his own personal PSP to spend time with after completing his job in a game development studio in New Delhi.

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