Pingdom is one of the many online services possibly affected by SMS restrictions in India

Pingdom is one of the many online services affected by SMS restrictions in India

Indian government recently enforced a restriction on texting in the country. Indian mobile users are currently restricted to sending 5 sms/mms messages per day. This limit is in place till the end of the month at least.

Pingdom has alerted their users in India about this new development. The company states that this restriction could affect their sms based notifications for the consumers in India.

Pingdom said:

The problem is that a lot of legitimate uses of SMS are crippled while this daily SMS limit is in place. For example, many SMS gateways are severely limited because of this, which means that web services like Pingdom can have problems delivering SMS alerts reliably to India. We are working with our SMS providers to keep SMS alerts to India functioning properly, but we cannot guarantee SMS delivery while this restriction is in place.

They are advising the users to enable at least one other notification setting to ensure that they are alerted about site outages on time.