Pixel Qi promises displays that would be better than the new Apple iPad!

Pixel Qi in a blog post has revealed that they are working on displays that would feature similar resolutions to that of the recently launched iPad 3.

But the company would do it a whole lot better by offering a display that consumes way less power in comparison.

Pixel Qi spoke about their future products:

We can now announce that we can match or exceed the image quality of the screen in the iPad3. We have a new architecture that matches the resolution of the ipad3 screen, and its full image quality including matching or exceeding contrast, color saturation, the viewing angle and so forth with massive power savings. We even added a very low power mode that runs at a full 100X power reduction from the peak power consumed by the iPad3 screen.

The project is still in concept stage we believe and it might take them a while to come out with it. Products featuring this display would take even longer. Meanwhile, Apple is selling millions of their iPad 3 and people love it!