Play by Aol Music launches on Amazon Kindle Fire

Play by AOL launches on Amazon Kindle Fire

AOL has launched a tablet optimized version of their Play mobile app for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Surprisingly, this version is not available on other Android Tablets.

AOL Play has been available on Apple iOS and Google Android devices for a while now.

AOL spoke about the Kindle Fire edition:

We recently launched our AOL music app, PLAY, for iPhone and Android with one goal in mind: give people a simple, but killer, music listening experience that lets them discover and share constantly updated new music with friends in fun ways. Since that launch, nearly 1,000,000 rockers, rappers, hippies, hipsters, metal-heads, and jazz-heads (that’s a thing, right?) have downloaded PLAY across Android and iOS and we’re proud to say that we’re now bringing PLAY to the Kindle Fire. This isn’t a repeat of some app built for your Droid. This is 100% designed and built for Kindle Fire. Why? Because our Mobile Ninjas here at AOL love the heck out of the Fire and we love the way PLAY looks and feels on that glorious 7-inch screen.

This is pretty surprising considering Google Nexus 7 has a better display compared to the Kindle Fire which is expected to get an update in the coming weeks.