Pocket 4.2 for Android allows you to listen to offline articles!

Pocket 4.2 for Android allows you to listen to offline articles!

Developers behind the Pocket mobile app have released an updated version for Android devices.

Pocket 4.2 for Android uses the Android’s text to speech capability to read saved articles on the phone.

This can be used as an alternative to podcasting apps while on the move.

The developers said:

With “Listen,” it’s easy to hear what you’ve saved in Pocket: Just open an article, press “Listen,” and Pocket will read the text out loud. You can even choose the speed or style of speaking voice. Text-to-speech technology is still evolving, but Android’s OS simplified the process dramatically. Max Weiner, Pocket’s lead Android developer, built the “Listen” feature during one of Pocket’s Friday hack days (one of the many fine perks of working for Pocket), and it has given us a great opportunity to test the feature with our users.

Apple iOS does not have a comparable feature though they are working on various methods to bring a similar functionality to their iOS app.

Other changes:


Manage Site Subscription feature now working on all versions of Android.
Improved full-screen animation in Reader.
No longer shortening URL when Viewing in Browser, sharing to Evernote, or copying to clipboard.
Minor UI updates.

ZTE Blade crash when opening an article.
Blank help screen on Jelly Bean.
After long pressing a link in the Reader and selecting “Read Later,” archiving/favoriting and other actions would occur on the new link instead of the currently opened link.
Other minor bug fixes.