Posterous Spaces now offer Embeddable Tweets

The newly launched Twitter upgrade makes it easy for web users to embed tweets in their blogs and websites.

Twitter is finally supporting oEmbed and offering other tools.

Posterous has announced that they have added this feature to their Posterous Spaces platform.

User can now embed tweets and small conversations in their posts on their own Spaces.

Posterous Spaces now offer Embeddable Tweets

Here are the five methods you can use to embed Tweets in your Posterous Spaces blog:

From the Web Editor: Paste the Tweet url into the Web Editor as a pull quote, add your own views and publish.

From any browser: Select the Tweet or short Twitter conversation you want to embed by clicking on the timestamp and then on the Posterous Spaces bookmarklet button on your browser toolbar. Add your own witty comments, a picture for context and post away.

Email it in: Copy and paste the Tweet url into the body of your email. Craft your story around it and hit send. We’ll embed the Tweet automatically in your post.

From our iPhone or Android apps: Copy using the Link to Tweet feature, paste it into the compose window and you are all set.