CCSS Unveils Unique Pricing for the Outsourcing Industry

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December 18, 2009 – CCSS, the performance and message management solution developer for IBM® Power Systems™ and System i™ platforms, today announces a unique pricing strategy for the outsourcing industry. The new policy is set to address one of the key issues facing outsourcing organizations, namely, how to achieve more cost-effective and competitive services for their own clients without compromising Quality of Service standards or Service Level Agreements.

This particular challenge can seem unattainable for outsourcing companies, especially when set against the price of software needed to meet service demands. Often, companies turn to outsourcing for their systems management requirements in an effort to reduce their in-house overheads. This puts significant pressure on the outsourcing company to deliver ever higher standards of availability and efficiency without letting these associated costs spiral.

CCSS now offers outsourcing companies the opportunity to rent their systems management suite, comprising QSystem Monitor, QMessage Monitor and QRemote Control, on a monthly basis. This provides a highly practical and commercial business model for outsourcing IT Managers to justify and implement the solutions while passing on immediate benefits to their clients. Billing and management are simple and accurately assigned on the basis of monthly resource use. This flexibility means clients with variable resource requirements can be assured they are only charged for their exact usage on a month-to-month basis. This is especially cost-effective for clients from industries where seasonal or peak periods of operation may require a temporary surge in demand for resources or specific systems requirements before falling back to more typical levels.

Ray Wright, CEO of CCSS, explains why the shift in pricing models has become a necessary factor in today’s economy, “We’re very fortunate to have excellent ongoing relationships with some of the most highly regarded outsourcing companies in today’s market. By speaking with IT Managers from this sector, we became very aware of a real and urgent need for software providers to reassess what more can be done to help deliver effective but cost-efficient solutions. CCSS meets this challenge with commercially innovative solutions. The result is win-win-win across the developer-outsourcing company-end client value chain.”

QSystem Monitor (QSM), the performance monitoring and reporting solution, offers end users all the benefits of a functionally-rich and robust product that is capable of meeting the demands of their specific system, disk, network, job and availability monitoring requirements. For IT Managers charged with the responsibility of overseeing their clients’ resources, QSM also offers many features designed to support the unique demands of a busy outsourcing environment. Examples of these types of features include QSM’s extensive graphical reporting for both historical and predictive analysis. Together with Service Level Agreement reporting, Managers can easily attribute, justify and impartially share detailed, system generated information on specific resource use and availability directly with their clients. The management of each system is centralized but retains its own tailored view of system parameters. Members of the outsourcing operations team can easily switch between views allowing them to attend to the very specific and individual requirements of their diverse clients without increasing the number of people required to manage the systems, making QSM ideal for this environment.

QMessage Monitor (QMM), the message management and escalation solution, ensures that the filtering, answering and escalating of critical messages across any number of systems is never missed and eliminates the need for costly manual monitoring. QMM can help outsourcing companies to ensure their clients retain audit and regulatory compliance be it through the use of real-time Audit Journal Monitoring, Archiving for Audit purposes or ensuring tighter security through Two-Way FTP Monitoring. Important messages for routine but critical and time-sensitive jobs and scheduled events such as ‘end of day’ or ‘back up’, can be escalated to any number of communications devices and according to the individual shift, holiday and availability patterns of the team.

CCSS already works with some of the leading names in outsourcing including Connectria, Siemens Healthcare, Antares Management Solutions and American Software USA, Inc. in addition to global brands from the financial, manufacturing, retail, logistics and healthcare industries.

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About CCSS

CCSS develops, supports and markets IBM i (on Power Systems & System i servers) performance monitoring and reporting, message management and remote management solutions. An Advanced IBM Business Partner, CCSS develops powerful solutions to support some of the world’s most demanding IBM i environments across many industries including insurance, banking, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. Existing customers that rely on CCSS’s feature-rich solutions include leading organizations such as Volvo, Mattel, Newell-Rubbermaid, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Siemens Healthcare and Waterstone’s.

CCSS is headquartered in Gillingham, Kent, UK with key regional headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Bonn, Germany and Makati City, Philippines together with a global agent network spanning Austria, Portugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden.

IBM, Power Systems, System i, are trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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