Pulse gets integrated support for Readability

Readability has announced a new partnership with the creators of Pulse mobile app.

This is great news for the users of Pulse as the app would now feature integrated support for Readability.

Readability as the name suggests is designed to make web pages readable by focusing on the core content removing the annoyances around.

It comes very handy on mobile devices which have smaller screens.

Pulse gets integrated support for Readability

Readability spoke about their partnership with Pulse:

So, starting now, you can add your Readability Reading List to your Pulse page.

It’s a simple way to catch up on your queue without having to leave the Pulse app. And once you’ve added Readability, starring an article inside Pulse will automatically add it to your Readability Reading List. Now you can scan the best content on the web and save interesting stuff for later, all in one place. Finally, as part of our collaboration, Pulse has adopted Readability’s world-class parser to enhance the reading experience for all of their millions of users.