Rapidshare no longer throttling free users

Rapidshare no longer throttling free users

Rapidshare become one of the hottest online destinations for the users of Megaupload when it was shut earlier this year.

The company had to resort to throttle download speeds for free account holders to discourage sharing of pirated media content.

They have now changed this policy and free users get unthrottled speeds during the downloads. The company said that this was done intentionally as they are set to launch new anti-piracy features on the network.

Rapidshare said:

Even though the limit was initially introduced to deter piracy, we have since then come to realize that there are more efficient counter measures. Further details will be announced towards the end of 2012.

Rapidshare has to be very careful with the new features looking at how the US government targeted Megaupload even though it was based in another country.